Are Bamboo Pillows Good?

bamboo pillows

Are bamboo pillows good ? Yes there are!

Ready Why

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant of the grass family. Its major content i.e. 60% is cellulose. This cellulose converts into the fine quality bamboo fibre.

Initially, a starchy pulp is squeezed out from the bamboo stem and shoots through the alkaline hydrolysis and bleaching process. The ultimate product of these series of processes is the finest bamboo fiber.

Bamboo is a hard and tough plant so its fibre is also a little bit rough and stiff initially. A series of chemical operations convert the rough and stiff bamboo fibre into silk and wool-like soft and fine fabric.

This final product of bamboo fabric is smooth and strong. Popular for colour retention and drapes finely. This fabric is used for bamboo pillows. Such bamboo pillows are extremely comfortable during sleep.

Why Bamboo pillows are recommended

Bamboo pillows are good for all the right reasons. They are organic, lightweight, smooth, absorbent, cool and healthy so keep the head of the sleeping person refreshed and relaxed. You wake up fresh and joyful.

Bamboo Pillows are good for physical comfort and give the right sleeping posture. You can easily adjust them according to your need. They reshape and readjust due to air compartments inside the filament of regenerated cellulose.

100% Bamboo Pillows are purely organic, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and anti-dust mite. You can enjoy sound sleep as its porous structure makes it breathable. 

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What is Inside the Bamboo Pillows?

Commonly known bamboo pillows are stuffed with memory foam or shredded memory foam. Most of the commonly available bamboo pillows use different quality and density of memory foam. Such pillows are a little bit hot as they retain the absorbed heat. 

Are bamboo pillows good?

Few others use plush gel fibre that is originally siliconized gel fibre that keeps the filling of the pillow cooler than memory foam and cotton as well.

Outer Pillowcase

The outer case of those pillows is made of breathable bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre is scientifically proven for having unique antibacterial properties that keep the fabric disinfected.

The fabric is biodegradable hence eco friendly for being organic. The fabric is used at home in many ways like towel, pillows, table cloth and bath robes etc.

Qualities of Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo fibre is strong and can resist high weight and pressure. The solid composition of the material makes it sustainable for extreme comfort. The fabric made out of bamboo is soft and durable.

The breathability of the fibre makes it perfect for pillowcases, bed sheets and comforters. Gaps in the structure of the fabric let the airflow through it. The flow of air keeps the oxygen circulation for temperature moderation. Thus making it fit for warm areas.

Bamboo Viscose Filling

100% bamboo pillows are filled with bamboo viscose filling that is softer than cotton. Bamboo viscose absorbs sweat and moisture and remains fresh and cool. It is obtained after chemical procedures on the bamboo stem.

It is a regenerated cellulose filament that keeps air moving through the filling thus oxygenated. Bamboo is a natural disinfectant and hypoallergenic that is safer and healthier than other varieties of pillows.

Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow 

Most of the bamboo pillows available in the market are Memory foam bamboo pillows. It is not a 100% natural bamboo pillow. Such Bamboo Pillows are internally stuffed with memory foam filling or shredded memory foam.

The outer pillowcase only is made up of bamboo fabric. High-quality memory foam works very well; reshapes and readjusts. It shows great resistance to heat and pressure. It is a great impact absorbent hence exceedingly popular.

Why Are Bamboo Pillows the Best?

Sleep is a very important phenomenon for all of us. We do not want to compromise on our sleep especially when our pillow is uneasy.

Bamboo Pillows are one of the best pillows available. They are better than synthetic polyester, ball fibre or cotton made pillows. Polyester or ball fibre is synthetic fibre hence made of potentially harmful chemicals.

Cotton is usually produced using inorganic cultivation culture whereas Bamboo is naturally resistant to microbes whereas sturdy and tough.

Can pillows cause allergies?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant that is largely grown organically. Its pure natural wood is used in many different ways including making breathable bamboo fibre and bamboo viscose fibre filling. 

The Popularity of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are the best sleeping partner since the last decade. Choosing a comfortable pillow is a little bit ticklish if you have suffered long sleepless nights.

Although there are multiple options for pillow choice, Organic Bamboo Pillow is at the top amongst all of them. Bamboo Pillows has gained much popularity in recent years.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows offer great health benefits to its users as it is an organic product.

  • Bamboo Pillows are preferred for neck and back pains as they help sustain the right posture thus relieve pain. Few bamboo pillow makers offer customised pillows that can work even better in your case.
  • It is good in hot summer sleeps as it doesn’t get wet after sweating. It does not get hot or trap body heat. These pillows help to get peaceful sleep and recover from insomnia. 
  • Bamboo pillows are good for allergies as it is a naturally hypoallergenic 
  • These pillows can be used for more than two years on regular use. Wash them in the washing machine or hand wash, they do not shrink or give away colour and resist wrinkles. 

Final Words

There is a variety of Bamboo pillows available in the market. Their comfort level and protection standards attract the attention of most of the buyers. This is why Bamboo pillows are one of the most selling pillows. 

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