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Feather pillows are popular among sleepers because they feel cool and soft. Regardless of the name, most pillows in this category are filled with two materials: the thick external plumage of ducks or geese (‘feathers’) and the softer internal plumage (‘down’).

Feather is often used to pad the edges of the pillow, while feathers used in the center are meant to provide more support and stability.

In this article we have researched and reviewed the best feather pillows for side sleepers.

Feathers and down are a natural pillow filling that is also durable and can provide firm support. Despite many synthetic alternatives, these pillows have gained their popularity over the years.

Feather pillows are still considered a quality product. Feather pillows can be useful for sleepers who find other types of pillows to be firm and hot. Feathers can also cause allergies in some sleepers. Down alternative could be a more suitable alternative for people with allergies.

The average feather pillow costs between $25 and $50. By comparison, the average down pillow costs between $70 and $100.

What to consider in a feather pillow?

Your choice of pillows is incredibly important additions to your health because they can support your overall body alignment and help you in correct positioning to keep you sleeping well.

Unfortunately, many make the mistake of buying pillows, keeping in mind only design and look preferences, instead of knowing what their needs are. The term soft is often misunderstood when used to describe pillows and how it refers to overall comfort and support.

In this section, we will focus on key factors which we should keep in mind while buying a feather pillow. Luxurious and complete, there are many reasons to consider buying feather pillows.

The following are some major benefits of a feather pillow.


Feather pads are very durable and often remain usable for at least two to three years.


Because of their softness, they are ideal for people who prefer to hug a pillow.


Most weigh three pounds or less, making them easy to accommodate for most sleepers.

Cool Feel

Feather pillow holds less heat than that of down pillows.


Feather pillow costs between $25 and $50 that’s why they are affordable.

For all their benefits, there are certain disadvantages associated with feather pillows.

The downsides of feather pillows include:

Shape: Feather pillows tend to flatten and deform when squeezed. As a result, regular shaking and beating are required to maintain a full profile.

Support: Because they are flattened, it might not provide enough support for some sleepers.

Odor: Feather pillows occasionally emit more unpleasant odors than other types of pillows.

Who is most suitable for feather pillows?

In general, feather pillows are most suitable for the following people

  1. People who sleep on their back or side, and for those who weigh more than 130 kilograms.
  2. People who tend to sleep hot, since the feathers maintain body heat and usually sleep cold.
  3. People who prefer to use a pillow while sleeping

Yet, feather pillows may not be suitable for the following people:

  • It is not suitable for people who sleep on their stomachs.
  • For those people who are sensitive to smell.

Below you can find types of the best feather pillows for side sleepers we recommend:

Peace Nest Goose Feather Pillow

best feather pillows for side sleepers


  • Fill ratio: 95% feather and 5% down
  • Comfort: all
  • Warranty: 30 Day Distributor Returns


Peace Nest offers Queen and King Size pillows, available with a 95% duck or goose feather and a 5% drop ratio. It is the best feather pillow. Goose feathers are larger and traditionally more supportive feathers.

The pillow design is aimed at even distribution. A medium-density pillow is considered a high-quality pillow made from a 100% breathable cotton cover.

Also, this pillow is easy to care for – it can be machine washed and dried, and if necessary, dry cleaned. Due to the layered sewage, it also recovers easily after compression and can quickly acquire an attic.

What’s so good about it?

  • Suits all sleeping positions.
  • Back, stomach, and side sleepers, if they want to fold the pillow where necessary to support the neck and head.

What’s not so good about it

  • Might shed feathers
  • Minor crackling until broken in

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

best feather pillows for side sleepers


  • The inner layer of the hyperclean Resilia filled with feathers
  • Clean cotton baffles with 230 threads
  • 30-night trial sleeps with a five-year standard warranty
  • It has free shipping on orders over $99.


Pacific Coast Feather Standard down around Pillow has a unique pillow-in-pillow design. On the outer layer, the pillow is filled with plush, hyper clean fluff, made in the form of balls to provide warmth and comfort.

In the center of the bottom layer, there is an inner pillow filled with resilience. It offers durability to the pillow to prevent your head from sinking through the pillow.

Fluff and feathers undergo an eight-step environment-friendly washing procedure. This helps to remove dust and allergens. That’s why the Down Around pillow comes with a special, multi-year allergy warranty. A 30 night’s sleep trial is also provided.

What’s so good about it?

  • Suitable for front, rear and side sleepers
  • Suits sleepers in all weight groups
  • Good for people suffering from allergy who prefer down pillows
  • Those sleepers who prefer soft pillows but they need extra support.

Best Feather Pillow – JA Comforts Goose Feather Down Pillow

best feather pillows for side sleepers


  • Soft feeling
  • 90-night trial sleep and 3-year warranty
  • 95% goose feathers, 5% down
  • Supporting, ergonomic design
  • Excellent shape retention


Down pillows can become a price barrier for many customers because of their high average price. Our best feather pillow choice, the Goose Feather Down JA Comforts pillow, is sold in packs of two, for less than $30, making it a lot more affordable than it is.

The Goose Feather Down Pillow offers the same exceptional softness and temperature neutrality as the high-quality down pillow models.

The pillow also supports shape retention. Down is used to soften the edges, but feathers make up most of the filling, giving the pillow more elasticity. Keeping shape is much better than average.

You can wash and dry the feather pillow below in a conventional machine. Most feather pads need on-site cleaning, making them more difficult to care for and maintain cleanliness.

This best feather pillow is available in standard / Queen size. The J Comforts pillow is backed by a 90-night trial and a three-year warranty.

Good for:

• Sleepers in light and medium weight groups

• Those that have a habit to sleep hot

• Sleepers who prefer soft pillows

• Side and back sleepers

Three Geese White Feather Pillow- Best Feather Pillow for Side Sleepers

best feather pillows for side sleepers


  • Supporting structure with many chambers
  • It straightens the spine and reduces pressure
  • Medium-firm sensation
  • A 30-night sleep trial


Many side sleepers find that down pillows are too soft and / or not thick enough. This position requires pillow support above the average to level the sleeping spine. And to reduce pressure in the most sensitive areas.

The pillow for a bed made of a white goose feather from the Three Goose Company. It has a thickness of more than 4 inches (which makes it medium to high height). It is of “medium-strength”. As a result, the side sleepers experience less pain and pain. It also has good air circulation and a 600TC breathable Egyptian cotton coating.

The white goose feather pillow is available in Queen and King Sizes. It is widely sold in packages with two discount pillows. This best feather pillow offer a 30-night trial sleep period with full refunds for dissatisfied customers.

Good for:

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Crossties on average and heavyweight
  • Those that tend to sleep hot
  • Seekers of Values

Wenersi Goose Feather Pillow

best feather pillows for side sleepers


  • Fill ratio: 95% feather and 5% down
  • Comfort: Back / side
  • Warranty: 30 days return from the manufacturer


Wenersi Goose Feather Pillowprovides complete comfort. This feather pillow is for the back and side sleepers. The 95% feather filling is softened with a 5% down filling to give extra ductility.

With instant pressure response and easy shaping, you can manipulate this cushion. This helps to provide support and release pressure where needed. It also serves as good support for the hips and knees, and with a 100% cotton cover, it is very breathable.

This is the pillow that we examined in The Sleeping Judge. It is available in soft or hard support, as well as in Queen or King Sizes. We found that the soft material is extremely ductile.

It is of excellent quality because of its piped seam and has a much defined nature. Although most feather pillows can be machine washed, it is recommended that they should be dry cleaned.

What’s so good about it?

• Great choice for back and side sleepers, you can choose between soft or firmer filling, depending on your body weight and size.

• If you like the way a feather pillow can be shaped, bent or manipulated for comfort, this is a great choice.

What’s not so good about it

  • Dry clean recommended
  • Crackling noise
  • flatten but can re-fluffed

Care and cleaning of feather pillows:

Because pillows tend to get dirty over time so it is important to wash your pillow every six months or so. Most feather pillows can be thrown in your washing and drying machines. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Label checking: Before washing your pillow, read the instructions labeled and follow the directions to avoid any damage.
  • Use moderate amount of soap. When washing a pillow, make sure to use a small amount of soap in the machine. Rinse it multiple times to make sure pillow is soap free.
  • Low temp water. Use low temperature water to avoid shrinking of the pillow.
  • Dry several times.  Use dryer in order to make your pillow dry of any moisture. You may need to run your pillow through it multiple times.  Every few minutes or so, remove your pillow from the dryer to check dryness and fluff it up by hand to avoid clumping.
  • Low drying temp.  Similar to washing in low temperature, drying should also be done at low temperature to prevent shrinkage.

Shopping Guide – How to Buy Best Feather Pillows

The above selected feather pillows are well researched and recommended.


  • If you are allergic, choose a pillow with hypoallergenic feathers
  • If you are looking for affordable options, choose a blend of down and feathers.
  • Look for a feather inside covered by down to avoid the quills poking out of the pillow
  • Look for the right height of the pillow depending on what you have been comfortable with.
  • Check the firmness of the pillow. The feather pads are filled with plums of ducks, geese and other waterfowl. The stuffing consists of feathers, which are quite coarse; a small number of bottom sequins such as “down” can also be used for extra softness. The amount of feathers stuffed inside determine the firmness. Ideal is to buy not a too firm or too soft a pillow.
  • Feather pillows are distinguished by their durability and often last longer than other types of pillows. These pillows also retain minimal body heat, allowing them to sleep quite cold. Their price is relatively low compared to other types of pillows.

Why Would I Want a Feather Pillow?

Feather pillows are surprisingly easy to care for, generally machine washable (with care), and very light and breathable. Their unique shape and strength are also excellent insulators, making them the perfect choice for all seasons.

Feather fillers are also very malleable, which allows you to shape and form your comfort to personal preferences. Soft feather pillows are a popular quality item for anyone looking for a real soft pillow.

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