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Have you been working at an office? How does it feel like when you work whole day long, sitting on a rough office-chair and then leave for home in the evening with stiff back and tensed muscles?

Obviously, you would feel frustrated and would not wish to go back to work to experience a persistent discomfort having a bad sitting position for the whole day.

We have here reviewed the best pillows to make your choice of best lumbar support pillow for couch easier.

You can also experience this discomfort at your home and in the car seat. If you are habitual of sitting on a favorite chair at home for hours or have a routine for a daily long-drive, you can also become a victim of lower back pain.

This daily practice of using an uncomfortable chair and sitting in a bad posture can cause serious issues to your spine and can cause you a long bed rest.

So, if you don’t want be in bed for long with a spine issue or back pain, you need to take this matter into serious consideration.

What are Lumbar Pillows?

Lumbar support pillow is a great solution for the people who use an office chair for long sittings, use a chair at home, or sit on a driving seat for long and suffer from severe back pains. The lumbar pillows provide lumbar support which helps to ease back pain and allows the spine to remain in a natural position.

The Best Lumbar Pillows for Couch

The best lumbar pillow can be used while sitting or lying on the back. It has been designed in such a way that it rests along the inner curve of the spine and offers a constant support to the upper and lower back.

The best lumbar pillows are the orthopedic cushions made of firm memory foam that provides the required support to the body muscles and relieves the back pain and muscular stress.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes has suggested to use a small stool, in addition to lumbar pillow, under the feet while sitting for long time. It protects the back from additional stress and tensed muscles.

Benefits of the Best Lumbar Support Pillow

Let’s have a look how the best lumbar support pillow is beneficial to our body.

  • Long Periods of Sitting

The major benefit that we get from the best lumbar support pillow is that it makes sitting for long periods easy and pain free. It provides a great support to the spine and back in such a way that a person can sit on a chair for long time as well without any stressed muscles, fatigue or stiff back.

Where you spend most of your time while working on a desk chair, a lumbar support pillow can be a great companion.

  • In your Bed

The best lumbar support pillow can also serve as a good pillow for sleeping. If you have a habit of reading book or watching TV while sitting in your bed, you can always have a pleasant experience if you use a lumbar support pillow.

It will ensure you to have the correct posture and will support your back for a comfortable sitting position. A lumbar support pillow can also be used on the couch.

  • Baby Nursing

Nursing mothers can also take advantage of this lumbar pillow and will make the experience of nursing your baby more pleasant and comfortable. A good travel-sized pillow will ensure a good posture for the mother.

  • Long Drive

Are you afraid of driving for long due to uncomfortable car seat? Don’t worry. The best lumbar support pillow can accompany you in your car as well.

It can covert the discomfort of a car seat into a relaxing chair. Use the right travel-sized lumbar pillow to have the complete support for your back.

Features of the Lumbar Support Pillow

  • Size
    The size of a lumbar support pillow matters a lot in providing correct support. The size should be correct to fit the chairs or a car seat that is going to be used. The pillow should be compact enough and foldable for the ease during travelling.
  • Material
    The best lumbar pillow should have a firm and supportive memory foam with a gel, or foam fill.
  • Closure
    A lumbar support pillow should have secure closure on the pillowcase or cover such as a zipper to protect the pillow from stains.
  • Washable
    The cover or pillowcase should be removable and washable.
  • Durability
    Make sure that the design and material of the pillow is durable and of a good quality.
  • Portability
    A lumbar support pillow should have portable features. A carry bag, handle or foldability will come in handy in every Lumbar Pillow or Cushion.

List of Best Lumbar Support Pillows

We have prepared the list of the best lumbar support pillows that will ensure that you have the best experience of using a pillow to give the perfect support to your back and spine.

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow

best lumbar support pillow for sleeping

Key Specs

  • Contoured cushion
  • High density memory foam
  • Heat and weight responsive
  • Size 15×12.5×4.7 inches
  • 3D ventilated mesh cover
  • 1 pound

In Detail

  • This ComfiLife Lumbar support back pillow is made with 100% high-density memory foam that provides comfort for years.
  • It is a contoured memory foam cushion that supports lumbar vertebrae discs and provides spinal relief.
  • It is the best seat cushion for lower back pain and maintains natural curve of the lower spine.
  • This lumbar pillow is designed to relieve pain and improve posture.
  • The memory foam used in this pillow is heat and weight responsive. Your pillow will become softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. Room temperature is ideal for perfect results.
  • It has an adjustable strap that makes it fit for every chair.
  • A 3D mesh cover is well ventilated and breathable. It is also machine washable.

What’s so good about it?

  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • High-density foam
  • Heat and weight responsive

What’s not so good about it

  • Single adjustable strap

RS1 Lumbar Back Support Pillow by RelaxSupport

best lumbar support pillow for sleeping

Key Specs

  • ArcContour Special Patented Technology
  • Black, Grey and Beige colors
  • Revolutionary steadfast grip strap technology
  • Breathable
  • Size 16.5×8.3×4 inches
  • 1 pound

In Detail

  • This RS 1 Bk Lumbar support pillow has been made with the highest quality memory foam.
  • This pillow is not hard as brick or too soft to melt way. It is extra mile to provide the required support and has been offered with a choice of 2 firmness’.
  • ArcContour Special Patented Technology used in this pillow provides the best support to the middle and lower back, keeps the spine aligned and removes all the pains.
  • It is the only lumbar support pillow that comes with revolutionary steadfast grip strap technology. This technology keeps the pillow in place and doesn’t need a constant re-adjustment.
  • The adjustable straps also help to set the pillow anywhere and at any position.
  • The pillow has a breathable cover. It wicks away the moisture and sweat to keep the pillow cool and healthy.
  • The pillow cover is removable and washable.
  • This pillow comes in 3 colors, black, grey and beige.

What’s so good about it?

  • 100% guaranteed refund
  • Perfect size
  • ArcContour Special Patented Technology

What’s not so good about it

  • Costly

Qutool – Lumbar Support for Back Pain Relief Improve Posture – Large Back Pillow

best lumbar support pillow for sleeping

Key Specs

  • High-density memory foam
  • 2 adjustable and 2 extension straps
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Size 16.14 x 5.11 x 17.32 inches
  • 1.5 pounds

In Detail

  • Qutool Lumbar support pillow is made of high-density, durable, thick and molded memory foam.
  • This pillow is designed ergonomically to ensure a firm comfy fit, and relief upper, middle and lower back pain. It also supports to achieve a healthy posture and helps maintain the natural curve of the spine.
  • It has a high back that can be used as a maternity pillow for back pain.
  • Qutool lumbar cushion has got 2 adjustable. They keep the lumbar pillow always in place and the 2 extension straps that make the back rest secured and tightly on any chair,
  • The pillow cover is breathable and hypoallergenic. It circulates the air and keeps the back cool.
  • The 3D mesh cover is removable and washable.

What’s so good about it?

  • 5 years quality warranty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High back

What’s not so good about it

  • The foam can have an odor when opened.

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx and Lumbar Support Pillow

best lumbar support pillow for couch

Key Specs

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Set of 2
  • Unique pocket for phone
  • Built in handle to carry
  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Size 17.3×4.3×13.8 inches
  • 2.4 pounds

In Detail

  • SOFTaCARE lumbar support cushion and pillow is made with the best quality 100% pure premium memory foam.
  • This seat cushion decreases the pressure on the coccyx because of its anatomic shape and relieves from lower back pain.
  • This pillow comes in a set of 2. One for the back and one for sitting. The sitting cushion has a non-slip bottom to provide a comfortable and fixed sitting.
  • The back cushion has a unique pocket to keep your phone in it.
  • The pillow has a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry along.
  • It has 2 adjustable straps to keep the pillow in place.
  • It has a breathable mesh cover that can be easily removed and washed.

What’s so good about it?

  • 2 adjustable straps
  • Pocket for phone
  • Non-slip bottom

What’s not so good about it

The back and bottom takes time to adjust with body posture.

FORTEM Lumbar Support


Key Specs

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Orthopedic design
  • Size 13.5×8.5×4 inches
  • Black and Grey
  • 12 ounces
  • Adjustable double elastic straps

In Detail

  • FORTEM Lumbar support pillows provide the perfect support to the natural curve of the lower back. It keeps the spine aligned and gives the correct body posture.
  • This best lumbar support pillow gives a relief to the back aches and reduces pain by reducing pressure in the body muscles while in a sitting position.
  • This pillow is made with premium quality firm memory foam that is a best solution for back pains.
  • It has an ergonomic design and contoured shape which allows to put it anywhere and get rid of back pain.
  • This pillow has adjustable double elastic straps which make it easier to install and adjust to any chair.
  • This pillow is enclosed in a removable and washable mesh cover.
  • This cover is mesh and well ventilated.
  • This pillow is lightweight and portable and easy to carry during travel.

What’s so good about it?

  • 1-year warranty
  • Ergonomic design

What’s not so good about it

  • Foam is slightly firm

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Key Specs

  • 3D Mesh Cover
  • 8 color choices
  • Size 13x13x4.5 inches
  • Orthopedic support
  • 1.45 pounds
  • 2 adjustable straps

In Detail

  • LoveHome Lumbar support pillow is an ergonomic streamlining molded pillow or cushion with a premium quality memory foam.
  • It provides an optimal lumbar support to the back and spine and never goes flat.
  • The firm memory foam takes the shape of the back and curve when compressed and relieves pain and numbness.
  • It relieves lower and mid back pain and tightness due to long time sitting or driving.
  • It supports the back’s curve to achieve perfect spinal alignment and promotes a healthy posture.
  • It is a recommended orthopedic lumbar support cushion for surgery recovery and people who suffer from Lumbosacral lower back pain and Spondylosis.
  • The pillow is available in 8 different colors. Pick the one of your choice!
  • The pillow has 2 adjustable straps that keep the pillow in right place and prevent it from sliding down.
  • The pillow has a breathable, removable and washable 3D mesh ventilated cover that keeps air circulating through the pillow. Sweat and moisture doesn’t fill it up and keep you cool.

What’s so good about it?

  • 60 days warranty
  • Odor-free
  • Portable

What’s not so good about it

  • Too big in size

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