Best meditation cushion for bad knees

Studies have indicated that meditation positively affects a person’s physical and mental health. This has led to immense growth in its popularity. It’s a fact that meditating while sitting still and doing nothing, even for 10 minutes is quite a difficult job.

Any physical ailments could be back pain, joint pain or knee pain ruins the purpose of meditation. Fortunately several methods help you in managing discomfort and meditating peacefully.

Chairs, mats and cushions can be used which not only help in comfortable meditation but also make the whole experience quite manageable. This article reviews the effectiveness of mediation cushions in preventing pains and aches during meditation.

This article also provides a detailed overview of meditation cushions and make it a easy choice to choose the best meditation cushion for bad knees. It also provides the details of best meditation cushions and best meditation pillows.

Most commonly used types of meditation cushions

Zafu meditation cushion: 

Zafus are Japanese styled round cushions which are mostly filled with buckwheat or kapok. Zafus are available in different heights (by stuffing them more or less full making them more or less firm eventually).

Zafu meditation cushions have become so famous thanks to their availability in different embroideries and patterns. The best part of it is its adaptability, making it the best Zafu.

During meditation if you are unable to hold cross legged posture (because of hip and knee pain when sitting cross legged), Zafou can help you out in changing the position by sitting in a kneeling position and then placing Zafu between your thighs and sitting on it for support. 


Zabuton is a rectangular cushion which is wide and filled with cotton mostly. Usually Zabuton are used with Zafus in order to provide the best cushioning effect from hips to knees and feet.

It is done so by placing Zafu on the Zabuton. If you are intending on practicing mediation. Investing in Zabuton is a great investment indeed. 

Crescent or V-shaped cushion:

Those who need support from hips while in sitting position, can choose crescent cushions. The v shape goes downwards and supports legs and thighs. By aligning the pelvis in the right direction it helps those whose hip bones tend to rotate externally, leading to comfortable meditation. 

Yoga bolsters or pillows:

The yoga bolster is commonly used in Restorative Yoga and has an oblong-shape. In order to give a softer feel, it is filled with cotton. For better spinal alignment by lifting the pelvis, you have to sit directly on the yoga pillow.

It also helps in attaining different yoga poses by aligning it differently. If you want a multipurpose cushion for both yoga and meditation, this is a must have. 

Top Recommended Meditation Cushions

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Best meditation cushion for bad knees

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If you are searching for a completely effective yet stylish yoga cushion, then the Ajna Wellbeing’s Yoga Bolster is the best option. It helps the yogis in meditation and stretching. It is non-toxic as it is made of 100% organic material.

It is a high quality durable cushion (bolster will not lose its shape). Having a stylish aesthetic it has measurements of 5.9 inches height, 25.6 inches length and 10.2 inches width.

It is available in multiple colours such as sapphire, rose quartz and celestite blue and has a weight of 3.4lbs. It has its own matching protective cotton bag as well. 

Having an ergonomic design, it allows hassle free and lightweight transport. It is considered best for Restorative-Yoga as it provides lumber relief by lessening pressure on joints and also improves stretches to give a high level of relaxation.  

What’s so good about it?

  • It  uses high-quality and long-lasting materials
  • It has a dual-layer technology that make sure that  the pillow don’t lose firmness
  • It is a unique product
  • The material used in this pillow is  eco-friendly and recycled materials
  • It is best product for relaxation

What’s not so good about it

  • Can be firm for some. If you are looking for a softer cushion this may not be ideal.

Buckwheat Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set (2pc), Black

Best meditation cushion for bad knees

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This combined cushion set helps in making yoga practice more comfortable. The set consists of a rectangular Zabuton mat which is 28 inches wide and 30 inches long and a round Zafu cushion which has dimensions of 7 inches height and 14 inches diameter.

Cushion helps in maintaining proper posture (by elevating hips) and the mat provides a soft and cushioned space for your knees while crossing your legs. Zafu is filled with buckwheat making it very comfortable. Buckwheat provides durability helping the cushion in attaining its shape.

While the Zabuton mat is filled with kapok which is resilient and soft as well (it is similar to cotton). Zafu has a built-in handle making it easy for you to move it around to a space where you want to meditate comfortably. Zabuton mat has a removable cover which can be machined wash easily, 

What’s so good about it?

  • It comes with a cushion set 
  • It is very supportive
  • It is very versatile and durable.

What’s not so good about it

  • Attracts lint. Not a major issue but could be a drawback for some.
  • This yoga cushion is bulky thus quite heavy.

Intelligent Design Edelia Foldable Poly Chenille Light Weight Lounge Floor Pillow Cushion Tufted...

Best meditation cushion for bad knees

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Meditation cushions have two primary types; Zafu cushions which are comparatively small and help in elevating hips while practicing yoga poses and rectangular shaped Zabuton cushions which work as a mat and provide your knees with a comfortable place while meditating.

Zabuton mats of Intelligent Design are easy to fold and are considered one of the best foldable meditation cushions. Easily foldable design gives it a customized look and helps in providing customized support while you meditate.

Shorter folds give it a shape of bolster while missing folds give it a look of plush mat that is very comfortable for lounging, meditation and deep stretching. 

When in unfolded form, it has dimensions of 27 inches W (Width), 74 inches L (Length) and 3 inches tall which is large enough to accommodate a number of people.

But you can also adjust it according to your taste such as if you want a taller bolster and want a smaller mat, you can simply fold the cushion until your required length is attained. This kind of flexibility has made it popular among its buyers. 

What’s so good about it?

  • It is quite plush and comfortable.
  • It is a multi-purpose cushion/mat.
  • It is one of the best meditation cushion sets
  • It is easy to fold and easily adjustable. 

What’s not so good about it

  • It can only be spot cleaned.

Mindful & Modern Large Meditation Cushion | Zafu Yoga Bolster Meditation Floor Pillow Seat |...

Best meditation cushion for bad knees

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This meditation cushion is a must pick thanks to its modern, clean and minimal design. The best part of it is its chic design which compliments any kind of house decor setting.

Having Zafu around it makes it durable. It is lightweight as compared to other cushions making it one of the best meditation cushions. Its cover is made of white cotton with a mandala style logo on its top giving it a nice touch. Its inner case is filled with buckwheat hulls.

Hulls can be added or removed from the inner case depending upon how tall and firm you want your meditation cushion to be. During meditation you can feel knee pain when sitting cross legged on the floor, thus feeling the need of a meditation cushion.

This cushion is quite easy and comfortable on the joints and won’t let you feel knee pain after sitting cross legged. Its v shape helps in keeping hips above knees while meditating so that there is moderate blood flow.

It also helps in opening the hip flexor which Zafu pillow can’t provide. It provides a bit more support to the lower back and thus helps in maintaining an upright spine position. 

What’s good about it?

  • It has a chic, modern aesthetic which suits any home decor.  
  • It has natural and adjustable buckwheat filling. 
  • It has a handle for convenient carrying. 

What’s not  good about it?

  • Its firmness is an issue as not everyone likes the firmness of buckwheat hull filling. 

Ungloo Yoga and Meditation block | Lightweight Premium EVA Foam Yoga Blocks | High density Non Slip...

Best meditation cushion for bad knees

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It is specifically designed for those who have tighter hips and thus helps in giving support to hips and knees while sitting cross legged. Sitting cross legged hurts knees. If you buy 2 pairs there would be 4 blocks in total, 2 blocks for under your legs and remaining 2 blocks for under your seat in order to provide a highly comfortable cross legged sitting position. By rotating the blocks you can get your level of flexibility. It has dimensions of 9″x7″x6″ and is compatible for gym, home, studio or travel use. It can easily be cleaned by spot cleaning with the help of detergent, towel or air drying. 

What’s good about it?

  • Best for those with tighter hips to provide support to knees and hips while sitting cross legged.
  • To match your level of flexibility, rotate the block to various angles 
  • By this pillow, enjoy the advantages of meditation cross legged and feel comfy

What’s not good about it?


Features to consider for in a Meditation Cushion

Type: primarily there are two types of meditation cushions: Zafu and Zabuton. Zafu are small and help in hip elevation while you practice meditation. Zabuton cushions are larger and provide your knees with a comfortable resting place. You can either use them separately or as a set according to your preference. 

Height: Zafu meditation cushions are available in different heights (many hovering around the 5 inch mark). So consider your height while making a purchase. If you are taller, choose a pillow that’s taller. 

Shape: Zabuton cushions are mostly rectangular while Zafu cushions are round, U-shaped or rectangular. Round Zafu cushions are classical in nature while rectangular Zafu bolsters can be used for meditation as well as yoga. While U shaped and crescent shaped cushions are specifically designed for elevating knee, hip and back pains.  

Portability: mostly meditation cushions have a built-in handle making it portable. Some cushions are foldable and inflatable making them easy to carry and move around. 

Washability: Meditation cushions are usually made of soft fabrics which are very easy to wash. If you plan on washing your cushion on a daily basis, consider buying those cushions which are machine washable. 


What makes a good meditation cushion?

Most meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls making the cushion quite heavy. If your feet and knees are sensitive, try choosing a cushion which comes in a set form (cushion with a mat) in order to provide an extra level of support and comfort. 

Why use a meditation cushion? Are meditation cushions good?

Because of the support and comfort that a meditation cushion provides, it is surely an excellent choice for your regular yoga and stretching practices. Meditation cushion also helps in maintaining your posture for longer duration during meditation so that purpose of meditation is not lost by any means.

What is a Zafu meditation cushion?

A meditation cushion, also known as a zafu or putuan, is a tiny cushion used during meditation to support the meditator’s posture.

They come in a range of forms and colours and are constructed of a variety of materials and fillings. They started in China; however, the Zen school of Buddhism started in Japan.

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