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Motherhood is the best and unique experience for a woman. Giving birth is a joy which cannot be compared with any other. When you have twins, its double the joy!

Everything you do for one twin is replicated for the other.  Buying two feeding bottles, sets of matching clothes and the pillows & bed, you enjoy the experience of catering to two. Yet, handling two newborns at one time is very challenging and questioning.  Especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

But life is made easy! Twin nursing pillows can cater to your confort, support and ease while breastfeeding. While nursing your twin babies, it is very relieving to have the twin pillows. We have the researched and picked the best nursing pillow for twins.

In a situation when you have to breastfeed both babies at the same time, twin nursing pillows come handy.  It is very important to make a child comfortable every time they take a feed. So, if you are one of those mothers looking for twin pillows, we are here with best twin nursing pillows & have outlined their features, pros & cons. 

About nursing twins pillows:

Like we said earlier, Twin nursing pillows are made to ease breastfeeding twin babies. It could be difficult to deal with two babies at one time. Especially if you are a first time mother.

So, we researched the best twin nursing pillows for you that have different styles and designs. These pillows provide good support to the twins keeping them in the proper position. For a mother, now it has become easy to deal with the issues for feeding her children.

These pillows also keep babies in the right position while having a feed. Choose the right one that you find convenient and provide good support. 

Considerations while buying the best nursing pillow for twins  

If you plan to buy the best twin nursing pillow, consider the pillow’s comfort level and its usage. Some people want firm nursing pillows for their babies. While others search for conforming pillows good for the body. So, here are the factors to consider before purchasing a twin nursing pillow. 

  •  A twin pillow should provide good support to the mother’s body while feeding her twins. A twin pillow relieves you from usual pains which could be because of the breastfeeding postures. Such pains could be in the neck, back, or shoulder pain. 
  • Another key factor that matters is the durability of a pillow according to the usage. The cover of the pillow must be easy to wash so that it gets rid of milk spots and other stains.
  • The pillow must be adjustable according to the required height.  Adjustable factors must be the length of the torso and the size of the stomach. The smaller size of the pillow will benefit a woman to adjust it.
  • You must feel safe with your pillow. So, here it means the best support to the babies so that you can hold them. Make sure your babies get enough support from the pillow so as to not roll off while feeding. 
  • You have the availability of several brand twin nursing pillows developed over time. There are different sizes, designs, and styles available so you can choose the best as per your requirements. 

How should you use a nursing twin pillow? 

For the first time mothers or all nursing mothers, it is important to know about the right feeding position. She must place her baby in the right position for breastfeeding. It is to ensure both mom & babies are comfortable.

It might not be easy in the beginning as it takes time to reach the right posture to sit while feeding. Here are ways to learn different positions to place a child while feeding using a nursing pillow. 

  • Double cradle

You need to keep your baby in the cradle hold. Bring your second baby near yourself and hold him in the same manner by crooking your other elbow. Let them cross their legs and feel comfortable while having a feed.

Image Source: Twiniversity
  • Double-clutch

Usually, mothers follow this position to feed their babies. Keep your arms on their legs by placing them on each side of the pillow. Thus your hands will give support to the babies.

Image Source: Twiniversity

For a mother, it could be difficult to feed her two babies at one time. But, twin nursing pillows have made it easy for them to deal with. Thus it is imperative to have twin nursing pillows to provide good support to the babies. The position of the babies remains accurate while they get feed. 

Here are the five best twin nursing pillows for your babies.

Twin Z 6-in-1 Waterproof Breastfeeding Pillow

best nursing pillow for twins

As a mother of twins, you must be looking for the best pillow for your back and twin support. Twin Z 6-in-1 pillows are the best for you. Either it is time for breastfeeding, support, tummy time, bottle feeding, toddler time, or Infant Reflux, this is the best pillow. It provides amazing support to the mother if she has to nurse two babies at one time.

What makes it the most suitable twin nursing pillow is a soft waterproof material that does not need cover to maintain its quality. It provides huge and manageable support to your babies. The adjustable design helps in an easy change to variable sizing. 

6-in-1 adjustable, breastfeeding nursing pillow.

Key features

  • Super soft baby pillow
  • Provides good back support
  • Prevents the child from rolling
  • Useful for six different operations

What’s so good about it?

  • Soft and waterproof material
  • Milk does not seep into it
  • Does not need a pillow cover for maintenance

What’s not so good about it

  • Can get less fluffy over time

Twin Z Pillow-Cream 6-in-1 pillow

best nursing pillow for twins

Buy Twin Z Pillow-Cream for its 6-in-1 uses to help a mother to feed twin babies with proper support. It is a must-have choice for first-time mothers to feed their twins, placing them in the right position. It is a multi-purpose pillow that helps to teach babies to sit and move into different positions.

The breathable and probiotics fabric makes it the top choice, ensuring no harmful effects on the baby. The large design surface helps in supporting two babies at a single time. The lightweight design helps the mother to carry this pillow with good support to the babies and mother.

Breathable and dirt free fabric, large twin nursing pillow.

Key features

  • Breathable and soft pillow fabric
  • Provides good support for handling twins
  • 6-in-1 feeding support at one time
  • Places your child in the best position

What’s so good about it?

  • Large surface design
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Multi-purpose and lightweight

What’s not so good about it

  • Can wear off after extended usage

Twin Z Pillow with Teal Cover

best nursing pillow for twins

Twin Z Pillow is the best twin nursing pillow to provide your babies with proper support. They will find comfort while sleeping and having a feed. Also, while nursing a mother gets proper support for her back with her two babies. It is a must have for parents having multiples.

It is quite different from other pillows that provide a stable base to hold babies with ease.

This twin pillow is great for building a good bond between the mother and her twins. The major factors that attract users are their versatility. The great usage is for tummy time and breastfeeding. Also, this pillow is the best choice for your babies to have a simple small nap.

Comfortable nap, back support, versatile twin pillow.

Key features

  • Versatile and fashionable
  • Waterproof fabric makes it durable
  • Cover included makes it machine washable
  • Firm and soft

What’s so good about it?

  • Good back support for mothers and babies
  • Also good for baby naps
  • Breathable fabric good for children
  • The 6-in-1 operation for feeding and sleeping
  • Forms a good mother and baby relation

Grey Cuddle Twin Z Pillow

best twin nursing pillow

Grey Cuddle Twin Z Pillow has been designed for making the nursing sessions of first-time mothers easier. While caring for both the twins, a mother needs to pay proper attention. But it could be very difficult for her to do so, especially when it comes to nursing. However, this pillow has catered to all requirements.

It is the best pillow with in-built back support to add on comfort for both babies and mothers while feeding. The pillow features 6-in-1 functioning to provide good support to infants and toddlers. There is clip support to hold twins with the ease and feed them. The best part to attract buyers is hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

Comfortable 6-in-1 pillow for best back support.

Key features

  • 6-in-1 functioning multi-purpose pillow
  • Explicitly made to support twins with clips
  • Flame retardant and chemical-free fabric
  • In-built support for a comfortable nap

What’s so good about it?

  • Cover included for secure and safe travel
  • Hypoallergenic and free from chemicals
  • Easy to hold twins at the same time with support

What’s not so good about it

  • Expensive if you are looking for an affordable one

My Brest friend Supportive Nursing Pillow

best twin nursing pillow

My Brest Friend Supportive pillow is a feeding cushion for the twins. It has been specially designed that lets the mother hold her twins properly with good support.

It has boosted mothers with confidence to hold on to her kids in the right and secured position. Thus breastfeeding has become successful with this pillow.

The pillow has a supportive back that helps mothers maintain their posture properly and prevent the shoulder and does not cause neck strain. It is the best twin nursing pillow that features uniqueness in its shape and eliminates the gap between mother and child.

The basic features of this pillow that make the mothers’ top-most choice are its scratch and dust-free design that is very spacious for holding twins. There is one handy pouch to keep milk supply within reach.

Wrap-around designed, handy pouch nursing pillow.

Key features

  • Wrap-around design to adjust and fit
  • A handy pouch to ensure maternity supply
  • Unique crescent-shaped pillow
  • Anti-reflective and scratch-proof design
  • Supportive backrest for encouraging breastfeeding

What’s so good about it?

  • Large and spacious design
  • Dust-free to carry along
  • Best support to tandem nurse
  • Adjust to fit variable sizes

What’s not so good about it

  • Flattens after some continuous use


If you are planning to purchase a nursing pillow, then your decision must be taken very meticulously. Ensure that your baby gets proper comfortable experience and not undergo back pain.

Choose nursing pillow which is spacious enough to handle twins comfortably. Also, it should feature soft and breathable fabric that is suitable for your kid.

Make sure to check it’s quality and safety standards.

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