Arm Numbness? Choose the Best!

To keep going for the whole day, you must have a good night’s sleep, but having a night full of rest and comfort feels exhausting. From buzzing bedtime visions, noise disturbances and uncomfortable mattresses, we can say that multiple factors can be considered as culprits that come between you and your quality bed time; because of which your health is compromised.

Arm numbness is one of the most common issues which can arise occasionally or on daily basis. Possible reasons of arm numbness might be mere annoyance or any other factor involving daily activities and sleep quality.

This issue can be resolved by using the best pillow to prevent arm numbness. Neck pain designated products with neck support pillows are gaining attention which help curb neck pain and thus help you in getting quality sleep.

Choosing a suitable pillow long with appropriate brand is compulsory in catering your needs. That’s why a number of top-rated pillows for arm numbness are given below along with their materials and unique qualities.

What causes arm numbness?

A number of reasons can be considered as the possible cause of arm numbness, such as:

Nerve impingement: Excess pressure on your nerve endings when you are sleeping with your arm under your own body or your partner’s body, for longer duration of time.

Peripheral neuropathy nerve issues: common reason of arm numbness and includes

  • Diabetes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Golfer’s or Tennis elbow

Vitamin B12 deficiency: causes disruptive nervous system leading to arm numbness.

Alcohol consumption: excessive alcohol intake can cause alcoholic neuropathy leading to arm numbness.

How to minimize arm numbness?

If you are unable to get a full night sleep without comfort, it’s probably time to look towards possible treatment options. Appropriate treatment varies depending upon cause and severity of pain and falls under one of the following categories.

  • Medication: anti-seizures, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants are helpful in resolving nerve issues because of which arm numbness and daytime and nighttime neck pain issue can be resolved.
  • Surgery: surgery should be last resort scenario and should only be considered when there is no other option available. Surgery can amend severe nerve damage which is often the hidden cause of arm numbness.
  • Physical therapy: therapy comprising of wrist and neck stretches can subside symptoms of carpel tunnel, leading to a full night sleep full of relief.
  • Adjusting your sleep position or using a pillow: one of the biggest and most common causes of arm numbness and nighttime neck pain is excess pressure placed on nerve endings of your neck and arm while you are asleep. So, adjusting your pillow or sleep posture can definitely reduce or eliminate pressure and stress on your nerve endings while you are asleep.

How to Choose a Pillow for Neck Pain & Arm Numbness?

Choosing a right pillow leads to living a pain free life. Selection of Best pillow to prevent arm numbness depends upon individual needs. While making a purchase, a number of factors need to be considered including how to select a pillow of best material, of appropriate thickness and shape. Neglecting importance of an appropriate pillow is neglected.

Some may opt for a squishy nice looking pillow, considering their comfort. But as we know, pillows may lead to neck pain so we must know how to choose a suitable pillow. You may end up buying a pillow causing numbness and thus is inappropriate according to your requirements.

Before buying a pillow for numbness, consider the following aspects or reach out to the manufacture if you can’t track down any details.

  • Loft:  Thickness of a pillow is directly linked to how supportive a pillow feels. Side sleepers opt for a squishy and thick pillows to ensure spinal alignment so that pressure on lower back, around shoulders and hips is minimal.

While stomach and back sleepers consider buying a less thickened pillow so that their head is evenly aligned to the rest of their body. This way their potential of getting shoulder and neck pain is minimal.  

  • Support: A less supportive pillow will sink below the weight of your head while a supportive pillow will keep your head upright. Some people prefer a less supportive pillow but the ones with chronic shoulder pain need a more supportive pillow that leads support to the head and gives a cushioning to your shoulders and neck.
  • Firmness Level: Firmness is chosen according to a sleeper’s needs. Some feel comfortable on a plusher pillow while others prefer a firmer pillow.

For pain relief, a firmer and supportive pillow is a preferable choice for those who are suffering from shoulder pain. But you should not opt for a highly firmed pillow as it may lead to body aches.

  • Pressure Relief: The pillows designed for pressure relief are supportive to neck and head by not sinking too deeply. If your head is larger and you have broader shoulders, a firmer pillow is preferable for you in reducing pressure. But if you have smaller head and narrow wingspan, then a softer pillow is best in relieving pressure.
  • Quality Materials: a pillow made of best quality material should be a preferable choice. Materials of a pillow can tell you so much about its longevity and supportive qualities.

Best pillow to prevent arm numbness – Our reviews

Poncho Memory Foam Pillow-Couple Pillow Breathable Arm Rest, Anti Hand Pressure Pillow for Couples...

Best pillow to prevent arm numbness

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This pillow is designed specifically for couples in order to minimize pressure on arms, a cozy night without numbness and pain and for maximizing accompanying feeling. Pillow having silky appearance is best for pressure relief and for providing most comfortable position for couples.

It has 100% breathable foam allowing the pillow to return back to its original shape every morning. This pillow of high quality provides best air circulation and ensures warmness and coolness in winters and summers, respectively.

It has an ice silk pillowcase which is easy to disassemble thanks to its invisible zipper. It has a packaging of high quality and in case you feel that your pillow is dirty don’t worry, just wash the pillow case and you are good to go. We can say that it is definitely a good piece of gift for the couples.

What’s so good about it?

  • It has a reasonable size and height design.
  • It has an upgraded quality memory foam.
  • It is easy to be washed.
  • It has an exquisite packaging.

What’s not so good about it


Better Sleep Pillow Memory Foam, 5.5" Thick Foam - Patented Arm-Tunnel Design Improves Hand and Arm...

Best pillow to prevent arm numbness

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This pillow has 2 arm tunnels having a thick padding over them so that you can slide your arm beneath it. The question arises; how to use a body pillow for shoulder pain. The answer is simple. One tunnel goes down the middle, the other goes down the front, so that you can adjust the way you want.

It is designed specifically in such a way that you get a full of comfort night time sleep while cuddling, sleeping on your side and more. Its ergonomic design makes it best pillow to prevent arm numbness, thus relieving back and neck pain caused by unusual sleeping postures.

Its arm tunnel improves blood circulation to arm making numbness go away. By suing this pillow, you can have a night full of rest which ultimately leads to improved health ranging from psychological to cardiovascular.

What’s so good about it?

  • Perfect Side and Stomach Sleeper Pillow
  • Improves circulation to the arm preventing stiffness and numbness
  • Great for relieving neck and back pain
  • Ergonomic design

What’s not so good about it

  • It’s very flat.
  • The “arm hole” requires that you sleep with your arm in one particular position, which isn’t natural.

Gtest Memory Foam Pillow with Arm Hole,Anti-Hand Numb Desk Nap Sleeping Pillow Multifunction Health...

Best pillow to prevent arm numbness

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A pillow having arm hole is a unique pillow which allows you to sleep in whatever posture you want without making a compromise on your health. It is a reasonable gift for your girlfriend, relatives, boyfriend, colleagues, friends, parents and classmates.

It has an ergonomic design that fits well to the human cervical vertebrae providing pressure relief to back, shoulder and neck muscles. It also improves blood circulation and also improves cervical vertebra comfort for side sleepers. The pillow gets firmer and softer in winters.

 Its internal ABS frame provides a perfect curved shaped design leading to full support to neck and shoulder making it best pillow to prevent arm numbness. Its design enables to place arm beneath the pillow in order to prevent arm pain and numbness during sleep time.

 The pillow is made of super soft memory foam that regains its original shape after use and has a removable silk cover making it easy to wash. It is durable and provides cushioning to the body thus, helping in relieving pressure and brining relaxation to the body so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep time.

What’s so good about it?

  • Provide better support to neck and shoulder
  • Easy to wash
  • Super soft memory foam
  • Durable and provides cushioning

What’s not so good about it

  • None

MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge and Body Pillow System, Right or Left Side Sleeping Comfort, Medical...

Best pillow to prevent arm numbness

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MedCline Shoulder Relief System is specifically designed for those who are suffering from chronic shoulder pain. Sleep System postures your body in such a way that it takes away the pressure off your arms and shoulders.

MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge props you up to 6 inches and enables comfortable right or left sided sleeping positions. Its flexible design allows you to find a comfortable arm position in case you are suffering from an arm or shoulder injury.

You can also adjust pillow stuffing of this therapeutic pillow. It is helpful in relieving rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, chronic shoulder injuries and bursitis. It is built with 4 types of medical grade foams which are strategically layered for providing maximum level of support and product longevity.

It also provides its user with comfort which is attributed to its memory foam. Both the insert pillow and body pillow have adjustable and shredded memory foam in order to provide support and making them best pillows for relieving neck and shoulder pains. 

What’s so good about it?

  • It is designed specifically for side sleepers.
  • It has medical grade materials for longevity, quality and support.
  • It provides flexible arm positions.
  • It is capable of providing instant relief.

What’s not so good about it

  • None

NOVA Bed Wedge for Back & Side Sleepers with Half Roll Pillow Insert, Bed Wedge with Cut Out for...

Best pillow to prevent arm numbness

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OST versatile wedge is considered best for both back and side sleepers. Its unique arm cut out of pillow enables you to use wedge laying on your side, thus preventing blood circulation and strain.

It has a 17-degree wedge elevation cushion; whose slope design is ideal for activities such as watching TV or reading. That’s why it is considered a best pillow to stop numb hands and best pillow to prevent arm numbness.

It is designed specifically for the users’ ease and comfort, for amending health issues such as respiratory problems, hiatus hernia, neck, back and shoulder pain, snoring, digestion disorders, CPAP users and overall recovery.

NOVA Bed Wedge pillow is considered to be an orthopedic shoulder pillow and is considered to be best pillow for shoulder and neck pain. It is made of high quality polyurethane foam while the Half Roll Pillow is made of polyurethane memory foam. Both have washable and removable zipper covers and are made of cotton/polyester blend fabric.

What’s so good about it?

  • It is best for both side and back sleepers.
  • It provides a 17-degree wedge elevation.
  • It has a removable and a washable pillow cover.
  • It is best pillow for shoulder pain and best pillow for neck pain.
  • It is used for the treatment of reflux disorders, hiatus hernia and snoring.

What’s not so good about it

This product is very stiff. The arm hole as others have stated is not deep enough. 


Can pillows cause arm numbness?

If you are used to of putting multiple pillows under your head, it may cause your neck to be in flexed position. This flexed position can compress spinal cord and cause pressure on your nerves. This may lead to hand numbness.

Can pillows cause arm pain?

Sleeping in a position where your hand in beneath your pillow or your top leg stretched out, can lead to neck and shoulder pain. If you are a side sleeper, pressure on your lungs and stomach is suffered but still is considered a popular yet safe sleeping position. 

Is it bad to sleep with your arm under your head?

It is preferable to not sleep with your hands under your head. Pillows that are too low cause a direct pressure and pain on your pressure points. Thus sleeping in correct postures and pillows can reduce shoulder pain while you are asleep.

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