Our Top Picks – Wedge Pillows for back pain

What is a Wedge Pillow?

Wedge pillow is a pillow that has a triangular shape. It comes with a slope that is useful for sleepers who have unique health needs. This pillow can be used to help manage a variety of problems that are aggravated during sleep or by lying in certain positions.

Best Wedge Pillow for back pain

If you are facing severe back pain issues, you need to try the best wedge pillow for back pain. It works like a therapy pillow for back.

Benefits of a Wedge Pillow

  • Wedge pillows are designed to provide a slope to elevate the heads of the sleepers. This elevation regulates the blood flow in the body and takes the pressure off from the areas with pains and aches.
  • A bad pillow can always cause lower back pain. These wedge pillows are mainly used to get relief from the pains specially in lower back and upper body. If you are thinking which pillows are best for lower back pain, the wedge pillows will be the best choice for it.
  • It is also used to get relief from pains in shoulders, head, neck, knee, legs and feet.
  • Besides giving relieves from pains, the best wedge pillows for back pain are also famous to be useful for those suffering from acid reflux, heavy snoring and sleep apnea.
  • These pillows are also used by the women having swollen ankle in pregnancy.

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Features of the Best Wedge Pillow for back pain

Before purchasing a wedge pillow, you should consider the following features so that you will get the best wedge pillow that will fulfill the purpose.

  1. Incline
    A pillow with intense slope or incline will become uncomfortable in a long run. For a daily use, a wedge pillow with gradual incline will be more appropriate.

  2. Foam Density
    The pillows with high density are firmer and less soft. You can always use a low-density foam pillow as per your comfort but a pillow with low density will not be a ‘wedge’ pillow. If you feel too much discomfort in a high-density pillow, you can add a soft pillow to your wedge pillow.

  3. Memory Foam
    A memory foam used alone serves as a soft pillow in which a sleeper can feel sinking or suffocation while sleeping. In a wedge pillow, memory foam is used in combination with a firmer foam, where memory foam is at the top and firmer foam lies beneath.

  4. Cooling and ventilation
    Most of the foams retain heat. Therefore, you need to look for a wedge pillow that has wholes in it or those which use a cooling get pad. If you have already purchased a wedge pillow that gets overheated, then you can purchase a separate cooling gel pad and use it atop your wedge pillow.

  5. Anti-Snore
    A wedge pillow under your head elevates your head to a position and helps you and your loved ones have a sound sleep by curing your snoring.

Best wedge pillow for back pain – Our Picks

Out of 100’s of products in the market, we have selected the best wedge pillow for back pain to bring your life at ease. Go through them and see which one suits your needs the best.

Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow

Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow is the one of the best wedge pillows for back pain. If you have a back pain, you can flip it and use it as a support to sit up or you can lay on its inclined surface to get relief from the back and neck pain.

Best Wedge pillow for back pain


  • Contains a 1.5 inches layer of high-density memory foam.
  • Promotes a better sleep position and provides relief from orthopedic health issues with your back, neck and shoulders.
  • Is firm and doesn’t break or collapse under body weight.
  • Measures 25x24x12 inches.
  • Has a soft, washable and breathable outer cover.
  • 12” high
  • Reduces acid reflux, heart burn, snoring and sinus pressure.
  • Can be used for elevated sleep, elevated legs and upright sitting to relief back pain.

What’s so good about it?

  • Good height
  • Controls snoring
  • Washable cover

What’s not so good about it

  • Firmer – Be prepared to sleeping on a firmer surface

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Best Wedge Pillow for Back Pain

Is your night sleep disturbed due to back, neck and shoulder pain? We are here to back you up. We are presenting a wedge pillow that has got all what you want from a comfortable pillow. It is the best wedge pillow while sitting for back pain.


  • Contains 1.8 inches thick therapeutic foam base with Latex layer which provides high support and comfort.
  • Best for back support while sleeping, watching TV and reading on bed.
  • Comfortable gradual slope reduces back, neck and shoulder pains.
  • Gives anti-reflux position and legs can be elevated for better blood circulation.
  • Soft and stretchable knit cover that is easy to remove and wash.
  • 12 inches height
  • Measures 24x24x12
  • Helps with snoring, allergies and breathing problems.

What’s so good about it?

  • Gradual slope
  • Good height

What’s not so good about it

  • Takes time to completely inflate

Real 12 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow for Back pain and Acid Reflux

Best wedge pillow for back pain

Do you wake up every morning with a back pain? Are you sick of your pillow that doesn’t give you a good and appropriate posture to sleep and want to replace it? No worries. Real 12 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow for Back pain and Acid Reflux is here to fix your problems.


  • Contains 1-inch high-density firm memory foam that helps to reduce back pain, post surgery pain, controls allergies, snoring and acid re-flux.
  • Supports the body to give a comfortable sleep posture.
  • Relieves neck pain, shoulders pain and breathing problems while contouring neck, upper back and shoulders.
  • 12 inches height
  • A thick wedge pillow best for stiff back
  • Hypoallergenic removable and breathable outer cover.
  • Measures 24x25x12

What’s so good about it?

  • Good slope
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Elevates to 45-degree angle

What’s not so good about it

  • A bit too wide and large

Should you get a wedge pillow? Find out!

How do you use a wedge pillow for lower back pain?

Wedge pillow is an effective way to relieve the back pain arising due to strain on the back muscles.

A wedge pillow placed under the pelvis can relieve stress on the back disks.

This pillow eases pressure on muscle and promotes airflow to your lungs.

Not only while sleeping, a wedge pillow can be a support pillow for back pain while sitting.

General Tips

How should you sleep to avoid back pain?

Avoid sleeping on your stomach to reduce strain on your back muscles

Use a pillow below your knees if you are a back sleeper

If you a side sleeper, use a pillow between your knees and slighly bend your knees

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