Basic Tips to choose the right pillow?

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How to choose the right pillow

Have you been waking up with a sore neck and a stiff back, or even feeling a sense of reflux, lately? If your answer is yes, change your pillow as a start. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

It is easier said than done.

A bad pillow can cause many ailments- pain in the neck, upper and lower back pain, lack of good quality sleep, snoring and sometimes acid reflux too. All these gradually lead to much bigger problems- both physical and psychological.

Selecting the right pillow is not easy, but not difficult as well. It is a well-researched subject with scores of experiments conducted, connecting pillow and mattress selection to sleep quality.

The “Right Pillow” depends on many factors and below is our take on how to choose the right pillow

Position of sleep

How to choose the right pillow

As per Ayurveda, sleeping position is an important aspect of good quality sleep. Many of us like to sleep on our sides, some on back and there are some who sleep on the stomach, which is not recommended. There is no permanent fixed position for sleeping. This keeps changing as we age. Whatever position you feel relaxed, will be your preferred position of sleep. This might change during your sleep cycle too. Sleeping on the back is often considered the best position.

Q: What is your sleeping position?

Notice your sleeping position, before you decide on the “how to choose the right pillow”. People sleeping on their sides, might need thicker pillows than those who prefer sleeping on the back.

Shape of the pillow.

This is completely your choice. Choose a pillow, not to complement your cot and mattress, choose a pillow to complement your sleep or rather enhance it. Give preference to comfort. If you are a person who likes to utilize the entire space on the bed, buy a bigger, longer pillow. There are different sizes and shapes in the market- standard, super standard, European, pregnancy, bolsters, body , wedges, travel etc

Q: Are you a still sleeper ?

Determine what kind of sleeper you are. Depending on your answer, you can choose the shape of the pillow. We recommend the standard sized pillows- 20 * 26 inches as a safe bet for bedroom sleepers. People who spend nights on flights should research more on their sleep types and decide on a good travel pillow, as in this case size matters.

Thickness of the pillow

As mentioned earlier, sleeping position determines the thickness of the pillow. For back sleepers, a thin pillow is recommended as there should not be lot of elevation between the mattress and the head position. People who use thick pillows and sleep on their backs are prone to neck and spine pains.


This is a personal choice. Do you like soft pillows to cuddle and rest your head on or do you want stronger, more firmer companions? The answer to the above question should give you a good idea into what kind of filling you would prefer. Usually softer pillows are good for people who are back sleepers or even stomach sleeper.

Q: Do you need a soft or a firm pillow?


An important aspect of the pillow is its filling- it is the heart of the pillow, literally. It is the one aspect which controls all other aforementioned parameters, expect the shape and size. Thickness, firmness, comfort, feel and also allergies are some of the points you need to keep in mind while choosing the pillow.

There is whole variety to choose fromBird feathers, wool, memory foam, shredded memory foam, figure millet seeds, beads, latex, buckwheat, cotton, gel, and even water.

Types of pillow fillings

Q’s: Are you allergic to animal-based fillings?

Many of us suffer from dust mite allergies. Pillows can be a cause of morning allergies. Read more about pillows and allergies here

Do you mind some sound from the pillow when you change positions?

Please note that some feather filled pillows could be allergic and also it is not recommended for small babies to use pillows. There are some people, who use figure millet seeds as a filling into small pillow casings, so that the babies head is well formed. There is no scientific evidence for this, but it is proven effective.


How you feel with the pillow is the most important aspect of the purchase. After answering the questions listed above, you may find the chosen pillow to be the wrong one. Discard it and start over again. No harm in that. There might be something else to your sleeping pattern which might not have been covered in your pillow. Be honest to your feelings.

Ask these below questions before you decide on what pillow you should opt for?


Q: What is your sleeping position?

A: Side. Usually the left side

Q: Do you want to decorate your room with your pillow or would you want to enhance your sleep by using the shape of the pillow?

A: To enhance my sleep. It would be good to decorate the room, when I am not asleep.

Q: Do you need a soft or a firm pillow?

A: Firm

Q: Are you a still sleeper ?

A: No. I roll all over my bed.

Q: Are you allergic to animal-based fillings?


Q: Do you mind some sound from the pillow when you change positions?

Yes. I don’t want the pillow to creek or make sounds when I am sleeping

Based on the answers above, browse the different pillow options we recommend.

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