If you have been diagnosed with coccydynia or coccyx pain then you may have been advised to use a coccyx cushion. Even if you have a desk job, you may find yourself wincing or rubbing your tailbone.

In this article we have given a clear understanding of how to use a coccyx cushion.

What is a Cocc​y​x Cushion?

A coccyx cushion is a medical device that provides comfort and support to the affected area of the spine. The cushion is helpful for those experiencing pain as a result of trauma or as a result of an injury due to an accident or even having a hectic, painful desk job.

Whether you have noticed or not your coccyx must have gotten inflamed or can cause pain for enormous reasons.

Trying to sit with normal cushions can be painful while putting intense pressure on the tailbone and causing serious injury. Rather opting for a coccyx seat or a tailbone cushion for a chair can be helpful and safe.

Impact of your Back Pain

Your back has 24 vertebrae divided into 3 different sections with 7 cervical vertebrae at the top, 12 thoracic vertebrae placed in the middle, and 5 lumbar vertebrae in the lower back.

Your back has a lot going on. The bottom of the spine has a tiny triangular bone known as the coccyx. The coccyx is linked to the sacrum which is the largest bone that is placed below the last lumbar vertebra.

After having a gist about the bone, you need to acknowledge yourself with the consequences of back pain which can occur.

You must have experienced back pain from time to time either because of sitting or lying in a bad position or by lifting some heavy items. And, you
definitely cannot work efficiently if you have back pain. As a result, you may find yourself isolated from family, friends, events, and so on to reduce the pain.

If not treated in time, then this can lead you to be suffering from depression, anxiety while damaging relationships.

How do tailbone cushions work?

To maintain your posture or improve it you can use a coccyx cushion or a seat cushion, as it will lay a huge impact on your spine. But, the alignment of your hips is also one of the crucial aspects to improve your posture.

But you need to remember that if your coccyx has inflamed or is sore, then opting for a normal seat cushion can worsen. Sometimes these may lead your coccyx to be in critical situations where it is almost impossible to recover.

Rather than dealing with the pain for your entire life, you can start using a coccyx cushion as this will heal your tailbone over time gradually.

Additionally, it will prevent future injuries by reducing pressure from your spine.

Which way do you sit on a coccyx cushion? How do you sit
with tailbone pain?

While using a coccyx cushion you must know how to use it properly to make the most out of it.

The first and foremost thing which you need to take care of is to never use the coccyx cushion against a regular seat cushion as it will lead to an imbalance of the cushion while dislocating your tailbone.

It is advisable to use a coccyx cushion after removing any other regular pillows for the best results. You can add back support when using one of them. Raising you some inches above the ground to footrest while supporting your knees comfortably.

How to Use Coccyx Cushion at Work?

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, you will find yourself working on the same chair almost every week. In such a case, try to opt for a desk chair with good back support especially focusing on supporting the lumbar.

If you are not able to find one then try opting for a coccyx pillow that can help in maintaining natural and healthy curves.

How to Use Coccyx Cushion at Home?

Ever since the start of the pandemic, a lot of us are working from home. Since you are staying at home there is no certain position which you opt for while working.

Sometimes, you may find yourself laying and sometimes just sitting casually. For avoiding even the minor dislocation in your body, you can opt for a coccyx cushion.

It will help in recovering from any kind of injury which has occurred previously around your tailbone area. Good back support including a solid seat base can be an optimal choice. Opting for a rocking chair can be

How to Use a Coccyx Cushion in a Car?

You will be shocked to know that coccyx cushion while traveling, especially in a car. You can find it efficient on long routes. Your car seat does not crucially come with maximum ergonomic comfort.

Usually, cars come with standard seats that necessarily do not alleviate
pressure. The most you can do is adjust the angle of your seat.

On the other side, opting for a coccyx cushion can help you in maintaining the posture of your body and reduce pressure at the same time. While using this cushion you will find yourself slightly heightened.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the proper way to sit on a donut cushion?

The ideal way to sit on a donut cushion is by placing your tailbone in the cushion hole with each buttock cheek on the opening side of the donut.

Which is an ideal cushion for tailbone pain?

Memory foam cushions are considerably suggested for treating tailbone pain.

What is a sacral pillow?

This pillow comes with an orthopedically designed cut-out to prevent pain, especially on the lower back.

Which seat cushion for tailbone pain is the best?

Donut-shaped cushions are the best for tailbone pain.

Donut Tailbone Pillow Hemorrhoid Cushion – Best Donut Pillow For Tailbone Pain

how to use a coccyx cushion

Key Features

  • Memory Foam
  • Oval shape
  • Medium
  • Black
  • 15 ounces

Product Review

The Donut coccyx pillow is one of the highly ranked seat cushion that provides relief from the tailbone, sciatica, and back pains. This pillow is made of high-quality memory foam and it is recommended by many therapists.

This donut pillow is one of the best pillow for lower back pain and can make you comfortable. This donut-shaped pillow has a medium firmness and it is suitable for people weighing up to 214 pounds. It supports the tailbone, elevates the body to decrease the pressure on the lower back.

This pillow is an good combination of support and comfort. It helps recover from pains faster, helps maintain a good posture, and does not flattens easily.

This medium-sized seat cushion measures 17.5x 14x 2.5 inches. The cushion is lightweight and cover is removable and machine washable.

What’s so good about it?

  • Lightweight
  • Portable

Which is the best tailbone pain pillow?

Seat cushions with memory foam are the best.

Is there any tailbone pillow for sitting?

Yes, there’s a huge variety of sitting pillows.

Plixio Memory Foam Seat Cushion – Best Seat Cushion For Tailbone Pain


Key Features

  • Memory Foam
  • U-shaped
  • Black
  • Medium
  • 2.44 pounds

Product Description

To have a comfortable sitting and avoid pains like Sciatica, Coccyx, Back, and Tailbone, this pillow can be helpful.

Made from high-quality memory foam seat cushion. U-shape and contour surface helps in reducing pressure on the tailbone from the surrounding areas of the body. This shape of the cushion distributes the pressure equally amongst the thighs, legs, and hips.

This orthopedic cushion with an ergonomic design is suitable for all types. There is a protective anti-skid rubber bottom that protects the cushion from slipping.

The cushion is available in a medium-size measuring 18x14x3 inches. Its black, mesh, breathable polyester, and zippered cover that is removable and washable. Portable built-in carrying handle.

It has an infused cooling gel pad. This cooling gel technology protects the memory foam from absorbing the body heat and keeps the pillow and body cool.

What’s so good about it?

  • Anti-Skid rubber bottom
  • Portable

Which is the best coccyx cushion?

Coccyx cushions with memory foam are the best.

Which is the best pillow for coccyx pain?

Donut pillows are the best for coccyx pain.

What is the best cushion for tailbone pain?

There are many tailbone cushions in the market, one of the best cushions for tailbone pain is made out of foam.

Which is the best office chair cushion for tailbone pain?

Memory foam or cooling gel cushions are ideal for office chairs.

Is there any best coccyx cushion for tailbone pain?

Yes, memory foam and cooling gel ones are ideal.

Which is the best doughnut-shaped pillow or wedge v-shaped cushion?

Doughnut shape is the best pillow for tailbone pain.

Is there any gel seat cushion for tailbone pain?

Yes, you can find them on Amazon.

Which is the best coccyx orthopedic seat cushion?

U-shaped is the best coccyx cushion 2020.

How to use a comfilife cushion?

All you have to do is place the u-shaped cut on the backside of your chair.

Where can I find chair cushions for tailbone pain?

You can find the best chair cushions on Amazon.

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