Wrinkles – Blame it on the pillows!

Sleep creases

WRINKLES – something that people dread to hear! As you age, the loss of collagen and elasticity can cause wrinkles. Sunlight and UV exposure is another reason.  But the creases on our face and neck could also be a result of the way we sleep, the pillow we sleep on.

Wrinkles don’t develop overnight.  Squishing your face into a pillow every night crop up as wrinkles over time. There are 65% of people who are side sleepers who have an increased face to pillow contact and added pressure on the face. They are likely to develop creases early. For the young, after they wake up the skin goes back to where it was. But as you age, because the skin is loose, the creases don’t diminish and stay permanently.

The horizontal lines on your forehead, diagonal lines on your face are named sleep creases. Bad news is that Dermatologists say that sleep creases cannot be reversed by skin regime, creams or cosmetic procedures.

For the young, prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait for the wrinkles to show up. Let them never show.  For the others, its never too late to change your routine. 

Below are few tips to reduce sleep wrinkles

  • Sleep on your back – Easier said than done. People find more comfort sleeping on their side but learning to sleep on your back can reduce face pillow contact and the pressure on your face.

  • Have a healthy diet – Research says have diets high in vitamin C and low in fat and carbohydrates to reduce wrinkles, skin thinning and dryness. Avoid processed meat. Nuts and good fatty oils have linoleic acid which are known for their anti-aging properties. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

    sleep wrinkles

  • Stay active – Exercise can reverse aging by making the skin firmer and younger. Improves blood circulation. Yoga is a very good form of exercise.

  • Invest in anti- wrinkle pillows – There are different kinds of anti-wrinkle pillows which are designed to keep the right head position and reduce pressure on the face. Dermatologist and Skin Experts recommend using these pillows. There are different pillows for different sleep positions.

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  • Keep your skin nourished – While keeping your body hydrated by drinking enough water, use a moisturizer to keep your skin nourished.

  • Use silk/satin pillowcases – Regular pillowcases can pull your skin and draw in moisture from your face causing it to dry and wrinkle. Skincare enthusiasts recommend using silk pillowcases to reduce sleep creases.  

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