Tips for a sleep-friendly bedroom

Sleep Friendly Bedroom

Do you go to bed looking forward to the sound sleep you are going to enjoy? Or do you to go to bed dreading the terrible back aches you will wake up with.In either case, the reason is the same- your bed.

Is there any other factor, affecting your sleep other than your bed? Give it a thought.

A simple and comfortable bedroom is the secret treasures of a home. It is a personalized and creative place that reflects the nature and taste of the inhabitants.

While decorating and maintaining our home, we usually pay more attention to the guest rooms or the sittings rooms and tend to ignore our bedrooms where we spend the most and precious time of our lives.

Isn’t it your bedroom?

Do not discount the bedroom in your overall drive for good sleep.
For some, bedroom is a very private place, when they can unwind, whereas for others it is place for the entire family to relax- in the middle of the day or the end of it.

Whichever categories you belong to, there are a few essentials which almost never go wrong.

After a hectic and tiring day, a comfortable and well-maintained bedroom seems like a heaven. So, let us pay some attention to it and focus on some simple ways to make our bedrooms look classy and comfortable.

Sleep Friendly Bedroom Tips


The location of a bedroom in a home plays a vital role in determining its comfort level. Away from the sitting room, an ideal sleep-friendly bedroom should be at a place that its window doesn’t open to a busy road. Rather the window should open into a backyard full of trees and flowers so that every time you enter your bedroom, you get a sensation of freshness and soothe.

Let your bedrooms be as far as possible from the living room. There would be times, when your teenager son is watching soccer or your daughter is watching Miley Cyrus or perhaps you would want to watch the latest democratic primaries and not want to disturb the rest who are sleeping. Makes good sense.

Bedding, mattress, and pillows

While selecting a bed, mattress, and pillows for your bedroom, try to focus on comfort more than style. You can sleep in a stylish bed only if it’s comfortable too. A bed without comfort is simply of no use.

There are hundreds of great options. Go for the bed, mattress, and pillows according to your need and sleeping styles. Prefer a bed that is wide enough to provide maximum sleep space.

Look for a medicated mattress if you have any orthopedic concerns. The same is the selection of a pillow. Select the best pillow for yourself to have a sound sleep otherwise you are going to face multiple sleepless nights.


Pitch dark when you sleep, full of sun, when you are up. Ideally a good night’s sleep depends very much on this. In today’s high rises and mega cities, it is difficult, but try the best you can. Using black out curtains is one of the methods to do this.

The days have gone where ceiling fans and generic fixtured decided the personality of the room. There’s nothing more garish for a home than an obnoxiously lit bedroom.

Today, lighting does it so well. Choose lighting that adds to the style of your bedroom by considering the shapes and textures used in it.

You need to avoid feeling overwhelmed, anxious and tensed by investing in expensive lighting solutions that end up gross. Select the lighting that will make you feel completely at ease, no matter what time of the day.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that it fulfills the purpose completely, whether its sleeping or studying. The side lamps, stand lamps and the twinkle lights are also some great additions for your bedroom.

Minimal furniture

If your bedroom is quite big and seems empty with only and bed, with 2 side-tables and two chairs with a coffee table, you can add some more. Try placing a matching couch right in front of the bed and the bed should be facing the window.

It gives a classic look, both to the bed and the bedroom. If you have a large window, you can place a rocking chair in front of that window.

Depending on your family size and the aforementioned category you belong to, a cot, with a nice bed along with two side tables at either side of your bed should be ideal.

But we know that’s the ideal world and we are not in one. Well, try for a built in wardrobe if possible. A couple of chairs and one small coffee table could be a part of the bedroom setting if space permits.

Ideal temperature

It is a personal choice. Air conditioning, fans and air coolers – make a considerate choice with your partner or family members.

You can always set the temperature of your room according to your needs. You can have central heating for winters and central cooling for summers and its quite convenient for everyone.

In winter, you can make the room cozy but not the floor. Getting up in the morning would be a lot easier if the floor under your bare feet would be cozy too. quite so darn c-c-cold on your bare feet. Try installing the cozy underfloor heating. It will treat those cold toes with the greatest of TLC when the AM rolls around.

Soothing Color Palettes

You might be a colorful personality, but research shows good sleep needs light colors. Lighter colors are known to help one relax, reduce stress and anxiety. It can make you feel refreshed.

Colors can have a great impact on the overall look of a bedroom. For a comfortable bedroom, soft neutral palette colors like pale blue, soft pink, white, off white, and grey are very popular choices.

Good Ventilation

It is advisable for bedrooms to have ample air flow through good windows. Do not let your bedroom suffocate- give it some air.

For a great and comfortable bedroom, ventilation is a serious matter. It is good to have wide windows in your bedroom that open either into a backyard or to the swimming pool in your lawn. This will give a refreshing sensation and will keep your bedroom well-ventilated.

How much ventilation does a bedroom need?

It is ideal to open the windows for sometime during the day for fresh air to fill the room.


Never make your bedroom look like a storeroom. Only keep the things that you use on a daily or weekly basis. It will help you maintain a clean and tidy closet and you will always find everything on time.

Declutter as much as you can. Do not let your bedroom flood with things which don’t find space in the store room. As the minimalists say, discard everything or demote them to the store room if you haven’t used them in the past 90 days.

No signal zone

Do not let your phones or any other electronics to this secret zone. Do not assign any table or place for the mobiles to rest. Let them sleep in the living room, far away from you. It is beneficial as you will have to come to the living room to snooze. It is one of the best ways to wake up early.


A well-decorated bedroom has a special sense of happiness and comfort. The decoration rests totally with your choice and taste. Try to avoid putting so many things on the walls which don’t look nice. Be specific. It will look nice and decent.

Decorate your wall with paintings, phrases, sculptures, photos, and whatever you like. How you feel, when you go to bed is important for a healthy snooze.

How to choose the right pillow


Essential oils in the humidifier or oil dispensers or even incenses ,burnt a little before you go to bed can not only purify your thoughts but also help you sleep well.

With these, we cannot guarantee you a good night’s sleep, but definitely help you towards you getting one, if you are not.

Soft area Rugs

Imagine when you get out of your bed in the morning and feel a soft feathery floor under your feet. How would you feel? It would be an amazing experience for sure.

So try using a rug under your bed if you have a hard wooden floor in your bedroom. It will have a very good effect on you and your room both. If there is already a carpet, you can still use a rug to add some more softness to it.

Window treatments.

A window also has a great impact on the comfort level of a bedroom. It’s completely your preference whether you like complete darkness for a sound sleep or you feel better if a little moonlight comes into your room.
Select the window treatments that suit best to your preference.

You can use window curtains, blackout shades, or window drapes if the light coming from the window disturbs your sleep at day or night.

Good night!

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